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2020 Virtual Event

Love Without Borders

Online Fundraising Concert

Fundraising in aid of the marginalized children, whose education have been undermined by COVID-19


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Event Introduction by Dr. Audrey Chung, Music For People Founder and Artistic Director

Sharing by Mr. Joseph Boon Chai, Founder of Light of Shalom

Sharing by Dr. Er-Gene Kahng and Dr. Samantha Ege - USA, UK

Sharing by performing choir groups in Asia Pacific - New Zealand, Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia

Sharing by Shearman Lian, Pastor Joceyln Lio, Adelyn Koh Xin Hui
- Malaysia, Singapore

Sharing by co-organizer: Malacca Youth String Orchestra Chairman, 

Ms Wong Chee Chee

November 28, 2020 (Sat)
1:00pm SG time 
US Pacific Time Nov. 27 (Fri)  9:00pm 


Donate at

Concert live streaming link will be shown on donation receipt

100% percent of proceeds will go directly to support the rural school project

1.5% processing fee applies for credit and debit card donation (by Strip)

Donate by direct deposit of check or cash to Music For People account, pls remark as "LWB"  





Love Without Borders is an online fundraising concert organized by Music For People (MFP) and Melaka Youth String Orchestra (MYSO) in partnership with musicians and music communities from different part of the world with the sole purpose to raise funds to support the Rural School Project of Light of Shalom (LOS) in Malaysia.

Light of Shalom (LOS) is a student dormitory in Melaka, Malaysia that houses the marginalized children of the community of Orang Asli in remote/mountainous areas of Peninsular. Due to the pandemic and the social distancing requirement, 145 students were forced to stay at their rural hometown for at least a year. In order to continue to provide education for this group of students and to extend the opportunity for a basic education to a larger number of unschooled Orang Asli children in the rural area, LOS decided to establish the Rural School Project (Sekolah Desa), despite the uncertainty of the current situation. The project will require an immediate funding of RM 150,000 (USD 36,000) to complete its infrastructure by end of 2020.

In view of the above, Music For People , an international non-profit organization music organization in Singapore that focuses on charity through music performances, has taken up the challenge to raise funds for the Rural School Project of LOS.  Together with Melaka Youth String Orchestra (MYSO), we have organized this online fundraising concert to help the cause. In the upcoming online concert, 10 performing groups from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA, UK will be performing from instrument solo, vocal solo to string ensemble and choral singing. This concert will also feature two performing groups that are currently supported by Music For People:  Adelyn Koh (Singapore), the first scholarship recipient of MFP and The Voice of Shalom Children's Choir formed in partnership with Light of Shalom (Melaka, Malaysia). This concert also happens to be the first ever debut of Voice of Shalom since their establishment in February 2020. 

This upcoming concert will be sure to not only bring wonderful music and loving melody to our audience, but also to support a wonderful cause that will provide assistance to the Rural School building project and basic education to the unschooled children.



Voice Solo- Adeyln Koh Xin Hui (Singapore)

Piano Solo - Dr. Samantha Ege (Oxford, United Kingdom)
Violin Solo - Dr. Er-Gene Kahng (Arkansas, United States of America) 

Saxophone Solo - Shearman Lian (Melaka, Malaysia)



Melaka Youth String Orchestra (Melaka, Malaysia) 



Voices of Shalom Children's Choir (Melaka, Malaysia)

Creative Journey Youth Voices (Auckland, New Zealand)

Holy Trinity Cathedral Sunday School Children's Choir (Hong Kong SAR)

Sabah Shern En Methodist Church Young Voices Ensemble (Sabah, Malaysia) 

Newton Life Church Choir (Singapore) 


Love Without Borders Combined Children's Choir (Melaka, Kuching, Sabah, Johor Bahru- Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand)

Know more about Melaka Youth String Orchestra






下午1时正 - 新加坡时间

晚上10时正-  美西太平洋时间 (27/11)




綫上使用信用卡或转账卡捐款,需承担1.5%的附加费(Strip 征收)





爱无界线上筹款音乐会是由共享音乐(MFP)及马六甲青年管弦乐团(MYSO)主办, ​联合世界各地的音乐家和音乐团体,共同筹募资金以支持马来西亚“Light of Shalom”(LOS)机构在山区建立学习中心的计划 。

“Light of Shalom”(LOS)是位于马来西亚马六甲的学生宿舍,当中收容了在半岛偏远山区一群被边缘化的原住民儿童。因疫情影响,并需遵守社交距离政策,当中有145名学生被迫滞留在山区已超过一年,无法到城市接受教育。为了继续让这一群学生能够享有学习机会,并在山区扩大收益的群体,以让更多未受教育的孩童们能享有基础教育的机会。LOS在许多不确定性的情况下仍决定推动山区学习中心计划(Sekolah Desa)。而这项计划急需150,000令吉的资金(约5万新元),以在2020年底之前完成所有基础设施。

有鉴于此,一向来专注于优质音乐表演和音乐慈善活动的新加坡的国际非营利音乐机构共享音乐 (MFP) 希望透过音乐演出为这项山区学习中心计划计划尽一分力。联同马六甲青年管弦乐团(MYSO)共同为LOS山区学习中心计划筹募款项。来临的线上音乐会,来自马来西亚、新加坡、香港、新西兰、美国、英国的10个表演团体将呈献乐器独奏、独唱,弦乐合奏和合唱演出等。MFP目前正在支持的音乐人及音乐团体也会呈献演出,当中包括MFP的第一名奖学金得主Adelyn Koh(新加坡)及与“Light of Shalom”(马来西亚马六甲)联手打造的The Voice of Shalom儿童合唱团。该音乐会也将是The Voice of Shalom儿童合唱团自2020年2月成立以来首次的公开演出。

这场线上筹款音乐会。来临的线上音乐会,来自马来西亚、新加坡、香港、新西兰、美国、英国的10个表演团体将呈献乐器独奏、独唱,弦乐合奏和合唱演出等。MFP目前正在支持的音乐人及音乐团体也会呈献演出,当中包括MFP的第一名奖学金得主Adelyn Koh(新加坡)及与“Light of Shalom”(马来西亚马六甲)联手打造的The Voice of Shalom儿童合唱团。该音乐会也将是The Voice of Shalom儿童合唱团自2020年2月成立以来首次的公开演出。



独唱-许心慧 Adeyln Koh Xin Hui(新加坡) / MFP奖学金得主

钢琴独奏 Samantha Ege博士(英国牛津)

小提琴独奏 Er-Gene Kahng博士(美国阿肯色州)

萨克斯风独奏 Sherman Lian(马来西亚马六甲)




Voices of Shalom儿童合唱团(马来西亚马六甲) / MFP音乐教育计划







来临的线上音乐会不仅会带给观众美妙的音乐和充满爱的旋律,而且大家还能为这项慈善活动尽一分力!  谢谢您的支持!




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