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MFP Music Charity Works

Bringing the blessings and joy of music beyond the concert halls
and into people’s life


Doing charity with music is a defining characteristic and a stronghold pillar of Music For People. It is, in fact, the main reason that we were established.  Inspiring the lives of people, through professional music-making with the community for the community, is not just a dream anymore, but a dream that can definitely be turned into reality progressively.


Through partnerships with like-minded musicians and music organizations around the world, we believe that we can do so much more together.  By consistently doing charity work through music, we believe we will be able to achieve our dream - one step at a time.  



January 2019

The first time we met Adelyn was on one Saturday afternoon in 2018 when she was busking along the streets beside the MRT station in Singapore.  She was playing an electronic piano and singing through a basic sound system.  We were attracted to the beauty of her voice and the accuracy of her pitch.  When we get closer, we saw her sign "I have a dream" and that she is visually impaired.


We took down her Facebook details, and we reached out to her over Messenger.  She asked us to talk to her mum and, after much discussion and an additional home visitation, we then decided to award Adelyn with MFP's very first scholarship for vocal training under a singing coach, Ms. Anna Koor. Since January 2019, she has been training under Anna and in 2020, she obtained a Distinction for her Intermediate Singing Certificate Vocal Exam conducted by Trinity College.  We are very pleased to see her great progress in her musical journey.  Today, Adelyn is a Voice Major student at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore.


Music for People will continue to journey with Adelyn on her musical journey.  Let's looking forward to seeing Adelyn's next performance and other music productions in the near future.

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1st Malaysian Native Children's Choir for Orang Asli Children
February 2020

It all started with a conversation between 2 musician friends, who discovered that more than 200 children from the mountainous areas of rural Malaysia are residing in Malacca at a student hostel.  The MFP team then went to Malacca and met with Joseph, who is the founder of the Light of Shalom Society and the Center Director.  Together, we decided to conduct a music camp for the children at the hostel together with Malacca Youth String Orchestra in February 2020.  Needless to say, we were impressed by the musical talents of the native Malaysian children at the hostel, as 67 out of the 120 children from the age 7-14 are considered as musically inclined.


On February 28, 2020, the Voices of Shalom Children's Choir was formed under the artistic leadership of Dr. Audrey Chung and sponsorship of Music For People.  We have appointed Ms. Pang Hui Ming and Ms. Karen Ho as the conductor of the choirs. 


Unfortunately, COVID-19 has greatly impacted the training of the choir.  However, with the persistence and great leadership of Hui Ming and Karen, the children improved and learned tremendously well, and the discipline of the children is very well established.


At the LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS online concert on Nov. 28, 2020, you will be able to see the first-ever debut of Voices of Shalom!

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