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With the gracious support of our donors, we hope to organize concerts that have a wide variety of themes and music styles, helping to develop talents from all different walks of lives.  At the same time, majority of the proceeds from the sale of tickets will be channelled to the MFP charity funds to provide music education for the needy and underprivileged; and to share music with those suffering from illnesses.  By doing so, we are bringing the blessings and joy of music beyond the concert halls and into people’s life.

You can participate in our mission in the following ways:

  • Be Our Concert Host
    financially support the concert and music production, no restriction on geographical location

  • Be Our Music Partner
    perform in the MFP concert and agree to donate 50% or more of the proceeds to the MFP Charity Fund

  • Be Our Donor
    support the operation cost of Music for People by being a donor or regular donor

  • Be Our Working Partner
    join us as a volunteer


Contact us at



Donate by PayPal

Music For People (Ltd.)

Donate by Direct Deposit or Cheque

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation 

Account Name: Music For People (Ltd.)

Account Number: 712770551001

Kindly issue a crossed cheque payable to

"Music For People (Ltd.)"

You may mail your cheque to:


101 Upper Cross Street
#07-03A People's Park Center
Singapore 058357


Donation Form
we would like to stay in touch with you and closely update you on our progress.  It would be appreciated if you can share with us your details.  Thank you.










Thank you for your support!

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